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Photos of same-sex couples

14 photos of (same-sex) couples in love. Click here.

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The 6 Biblical references to same-sex behaviour

A clear explanation and discussion of the 6 references to same-sex behaviour in the Bible.

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What marriage means to a 3 year-old

A 3 year-old discusses what marriage is: Loving each other (no matter what the gender).

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Gay adoption

Many children are waiting to find a family. Many LGBT individuals are waiting to be able to adopt …

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You don’t say …

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These are a couple of posters taken from the “you don’t say” campaign, a campaign that highlights how certain expressions we use are not right because they denigrate certain groups of people. The link to the campaign is here.

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Fashion model comes out

Geena Rocero, a fashion model, comes out as a trans person bearing the message that the important thing is to accept oneself, and accept others.

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The first gay hug

15 gay individuals meet up with 15 persons who are a bit homophobic, and in pairs they are placed in a room and told to hug. A heart-warming interaction follows.