The importance of appearances

Two people fall on the pavement. They look different. They get different kind of reactions.


Patrick counts down to zero

Patrick recounts his life, counting down to zero, in a family with multiple issues, including alcoholism.

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Gay adoption

Many children are waiting to find a family. Many LGBT individuals are waiting to be able to adopt …

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You don’t say …

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These are a couple of posters taken from the “you don’t say” campaign, a campaign that highlights how certain expressions we use are not right because they denigrate certain groups of people. The link to the campaign is here.

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Erasure of women in history

A video showing women in history and how they have been erased when running a simple Google search. Google has changed it’s way autocomplete works to counteract this.


Bechdel test for women in movies

This test examines films asking the following three questions:
1. Are there more than one woman who have a name?
2. Do they talk to each other?
3. Do they talk about other things than men?
It seems that very few films pass the test!

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Caring … enough … about the poor

A guy placed an offensive sign to see whether it works …